Who are the top 10 celebrities with the most expensive homes?

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The list of celebrities with the most expensive homes is subject to change and may depend on various sources and perspective. However, here are some notable celebrities known for owning luxurious and expensive properties as of September 2021:

1. Jeff Bezos: The Founder of Amazon and one of the richest individuals in the world owns multiple properties and has reportedly purchased a Beverly Hills mansion for around $165 million.

2. Elon Musk: The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has multiple properties including a mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles, which was purchased for around $17 million.

3. Oprah Winfrey: The media mogul owns an estate called “The Promised Land” in Montecito, California, reportedly bought for over $50 million.

4. Jay-Z and Beyoncé: The power couple owns several extravagant properties, including a $88 million Bel Air mansion in Los Angeles and a $26 million Hamptons mansion in New York.

5. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Despite their separation, they both own multimillion-dollar properties, including a $60 million Hidden Hills mansion in Los Angeles.

6. George Clooney: The actor and philanthropist owns a lavish Italian villa on Lake Como, estimated to be worth around $100 million.

7. Madonna: The queen of pop owns several properties, including a $32 million mansion in Manhattan, a $6 million mansion in London, and a $18 million palace in Portugal.

8. Tom Cruise: The legendary actor owns a $40 million mansion in Beverly Hills, California, among other properties.

9. Ellen DeGeneres: The talk show host and comedian owns multiple luxury homes, including an estate in Montecito purchased for $27 million.

10. Rihanna: The multi-talented artist owns a $13.8 million mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

It’s important to note that rankings may vary as celebrities may buy/sell properties, and new purchases by other individuals may not be publicized yet.

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