Who are the top 10 real estate agents on Instagram to follow?

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As an AI language model, I unfortunately don’t have real-time data or the ability to browse Instagram. However, I can provide some popular real estate agents on Instagram based on previous information available. It’s important to note that popularity and rankings on Instagram can change frequently. Here are some real estate agents who have gained a significant following on Instagram:

1. Ryan Serhant – Instagram: @ryanserhant
2. Million Dollar Listing – Instagram: @bravotv
3. The Agency – Instagram: @theagencyre
4. Fredrik Eklund – Instagram: @fredrikeklundny
5. Josh Altman – Instagram: @thejoshaltman
6. Chad Carroll – Instagram: @chadcarroll
7. Tracy Tutor – Instagram: @tracytutor
8. Madison Hildebrand – Instagram: @madisonmalibu
9. Eklund Stockholm New York – Instagram: @eklundstockholmnewyork
10. Alex Rodriguez – Instagram: @arod

Please keep in mind that these may not necessarily be the “top 10” real estate agents on Instagram, as the rankings can vary depending on factors such as engagement, followers, and current trends. It’s always a good idea to explore and follow multiple accounts to gain a well-rounded perspective on the real estate industry.

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